Monday, January 23, 2012

Past Events: Podcast Interviews: Linh Vien Thai

January 23rd: Linh Vien Thai.

Linh Vien Thai is an Amerasian, born Dalat, S, Vietnam. He lived in Vietnam during the war and escaped to the U.S. Now he's an American living in Tokyo. He enjoys Adventure Traveling, good friends, and doing what's right. Linh is a Kung Fu master, philanthropist, actor, writer, computer programmer, documentary maker, photographer and the list goes on.  His art and entertainment is one of a kind and adored by all his friends and fans, like me.  We will be talking about how he became such an prolific artist and entertainer, where he gets his inspiration from, and what he has been doing lately. Linh Vien Thai has a blog "The Life of Me."

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